What is FreshFlow?

A shared online calendar connected to your client contact database.

With each activity - business meeting, phone call, service - your salesmen record information and the result instantly.

By summarizing events you have automated reports:

a true online survey about your company's business.

And finally, you know how to manage your people.

Anytime. Anywhere. 24/7.

Which companies already use FreshFlow?

We could give you 111 reasons, "Why FreshFlow".
Here are 11 of the main ones.

Ingeniously simple

Large systems for managing business teams are complicated and confusing, and nobody wants to even open them – let alone indicate something in.

FreshFlow is based on the simple idea of a shared calendar where everything is done automatically. You don't need to learn anything new.

No extra work

We know very well how salespeople oppose using new IT systems. You don't have to ask them to do that. But you can still check on them.

How? One thing is enough: use shared company calendar. Everybody keeps an electronic diary today, so you're not giving anyone an extra tasks.

Motivation support

FreshFlow is a great tool for motivating your salespeople. They know you see their work – so they want to be more productive.

You plan your success with the application: you know both advertising results and business results of specific people or teams. Online and with real data.

Instant reports

You will love FreshFlow statistics - because you don't have to lift a finger to do them. They are all generated and sorted out from the calendar automatically.

You won't have to wait another month for salespeople to send you delayed and incomplete charts in broken Excel to evaluate your plans.

Everything in one place

You know the frustration of looking for information everywhere you go. Contacts, business results, monthly statistics, opportunities, notes…

Now imagine you have all of this in one application, on one screen. Online, clearly, automatically – always at hand

No chance to forget

FreshFlow is not only your snapshot of the past – it's also a window to business opportunities that may bring profits in a year or two.

The system automatically registers and monitors all opportunities - regardless of the salesman in charge of the client.

Mobile application

A 100% practical assistant. The mobile application simply focuses on only the most important business activity - making phone calls

After finishing a call, a salesperson can send the result, transferring it online into FreshFlow...nobody need do any more.

All you need is internet

Your salespeople don't have to download, install, update, or restart anything. FreshFlow is a web application available via the internet.

Everything works flawlessly in major browsers (both PC and Mac). Every change is instantly in front of you - the calendar works in real time. 

Security first

The application is protected with the same 256bit encryption (SSL) also used in internet banking. We encrypt both desktop and smartphone versions.

We keep backing up, so nothing gets lost. It is up to you to set access rights to your sensitive company contacts, so nobody will see what they are not entitled to see. 

Always on your mobile

You don't even need a computer: FreshFlow is 100% synchronized across all smartphones. Anybody from your company can handle work "in the field".

After setting it up, the online calendar automatically links with contacts on your phone – on Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.

Data stays in the company

The one and only reason that earns a lot of money for you. When an employee left the company in earlier times, they also left with your important data. 

This is no longer the case. All data on clients, activities and business opportunities is automatically saved and stays in your company.

Created for successful companies in any country or branch of business.

FreshFlow helps manage your salespeople - no matter if you have 20, 200, or 2 000.

You can also use it to manage branches in other countries.


Thanks to FreshFlow, your people will keep clients and win new ones. You will have online control of your business. 

We´re happy to customize the whole system for you. Let´s arrange a meeting where we can say more.



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