How FreshFlow Software already helped other people

“If I had this tool since the very beginning, I believe my company would be twice as big today and I would have much better relationships with all the people around.”

Tomáš Gross

Director D1, Partners Financial Services

“This system is a great tool for the management of our whole office, starting with an assistant to the most experienced consultants and myself. Not having it would be a way back to prehistorical times which I cannot imagine any more today.”  

Michal Slunečko

Franchisee, Partners Market

“FreshFlow Software introduced order into the work of my team. And I can see concrete results, no castles in the air.”

Jitka Lucbauerová

Managing partner, Partners Financial Services

How it all works? It is enough to keep a calendar. All the rest is generated automatically.

You get reports instantly

FreshFlow requires you to do just one thing – to use a structured online calendar connected with the client database.

The salesmen indicate the outcome of each activity (sales meeting, phone call, service…). The sum of these activities creates automatic reports: both on the number of activities and about their success rate.

Maximize your business

Only those who do not want to work are afraid of our software. FreshFlow can propel the others to the stars.

Why? Because they don´t lose their time with paperwork. Because they have all the data on one screen. Because they see the context. Because they don´t have to report anything. They have time to acquire new clients.


All you need is internet

You don´t have to download, install, update, restart anything. FreshFlow is a web application available on the internet.

The calendar works in real time and you see any modification instantly in front of you. Software functions without problem in all the major browsers - both on PC and on Mac. 

You have everything in your mobile

You don´t always need a computer to use the application: FreshFlow is fully synchronized with all the smartphones.

After the set up, your online calendar will connect to the contacts in your mobile on Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. Thus you can work “in the field” using your phone.

Order instead of stress

Do you also struggle to remember the client´s history before making a phone call? Here you will see the entire history on one page.

Dates, places and results of meetings, concluded contracts, the outcome of the previous call… It is no problem to export/import data from your Google calendar or Outlook.

You manage your company online

You will love the statistics in FreshFlow - because you don´t have to lift a finger to have them done. They are all automatically generated out of your calendar. 

In every moment you see how to manage the company: you are aware of the activities of concrete people or teams, success-rate of recruitment campaigns, results of sales for a week, month or a year. Online with real data.  


Plan for your success

In order to evaluate to which extent everyone meets their target, you don´t have to wait for the next month till your salespeople send you their incomplete reports.

You simply set a number of activities they have to carry out within a given time limit – for example during a week. And then you just watch online whenever it suits you and without counting what is the target and what is the reality.

Security first

The application is protected by a 256 bit SSL encryption which is equally used by internet banking. We encrypt both the version for desktop and smartphone.

We back-up on a daily basis, so you can afford to erase accidentally important data. It is up to you to determine the rights for access to sensitive contacts within your company, therefore nobody will see what he isn´t entitled to see. 

Application created for structural companies

FreshFlow will be particularly useful for the consultants and managers in financial, consulting and insurance companies – or any other companies with network sales system.

For the purpose of maintaining the clients, acquiring new clients, having an overview of the sales.

We will be happy to adapt the whole intuitive system to suit exactly your company. All you need to do is to describe the workflow and the selected activities that the system is supposed to monitor. 


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