Simply keep an electronic calendar and leave everything else to FreshFlow

This is not your usual shared calendar.
You will have your entire business in a single place. So, what will you find in the system?


  • For an overview of the structure and number of meeting types that you want to monitor (like an initial meeting, business meeting or service).

  • The salesperson enters feedback from every meeting with a single click.

  • Share the information you need effectively. It doesn’t matter whether you want to pass it on to your own team, external co-workers or, for example, call centre staff.


  • Two words: “Created automatically”. Doesn’t that sound great?

  • You always have available real data on activities and their results, as well as on campaigns. Online and 24 hours a day.

  • Categorise by people, teams, time etc. Get an overview.

  • Ask yourself which parameters you want to monitor. We will prepare custom reports for you.


  • Set a planned number of activities for your salespeople.

  • The plan is automatically evaluated, and you can find everything online in a transparent form.

  • You can prepare a new, more effective plan even without.


  • Create a business opportunity in the system directly linked to a specific client.

  • Monitor how each phase develops.

  • Filter the opportunities to exactly suit your needs.


  • All salespeople activities (meetings and telephone calls) are automatically entered onto the client’s card.

  • Filter them in the client database. Assign contacts to groups. Share information about activities with clients. Just the way you need it.


  • End the call. Select the result from the options and you’re done.

  • FreshFlow automatically enters information about the call and its result onto the client’s card.

  • Enjoy a perfect overview of telephone calls with clients.

Groupware solution in one

Besides its main functions, FreshFlow has many more useful tools for better cooperation. 

Information sharing, task planning, a room projector, car reservations, export/import from other systems, Google calendar and Outlook...

Invaluable CRM interface

Easily solve the eternal problem of complex CRM systems where salespeople never want to write their own client information.

All data about meetings, phone calls, agreements with clients, closed contracts, etc. is automatically transferred into FreshFlow. Most of all - this data doesn't vanish when people leave the company.

Marketing campaigns overview

Thanks to the mobile application, successful and failed calls to clients are automatically registered - including their outcome. 

You get exact information about a given campaign instantly. Watch how the business develops from the first phone call to signing of the contract. 

Practical call centre

FreshFlow gives call centre operators external access to a salesperson's calendar – to finalize meetings with clients.

Operators can plan meetings for salespeople by serviced area or post code. The system creates reports about the numbers or success of these meetings.

Proven help for newcomers

You won't find a better tool for training newcomers, establishing good work habits, and online monitoring of their first activities.

It's proven that newcomers who use FreshFlow are much more successful and stay with a company longer than newcomers that don't.

Virtual team management

Are not always with your team, but do always need to know how their work is going? Or to know what other people in a specific branch are doing?

Thanks to FreshFlow you don’t need to be there on site. But people will still know that you are managing them – so they work as if you were sitting right next to them.

Are you working with another company?

Sounds interesting?

Arrange a meeting with us. There is still a lot more we can tell you about FreshFlow.


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