What can FreshFlow do?

Ingeniously and easily acquire and evaluate the data you need to manage your sales team. FreshFlow application gives you all the information about your salespeople, their activities and results – all online! Simply link FreshFlow diary to your contact database and make your By linking the FreshFlow diary to your contact database you may help your salespeople work so effectively that they will love you. Give them a tool to help them succeed.

FreshFlow gives you control over:

  • Activities of your team, their structure and success rates
  • Client database utilisation
  • Campaign implementation
  • Recruitment and integration of new colleagues

FreshFlow works both online and as a mobile application.

And that is not all. Learn more about its features.

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What our clients most often deal with

Team and branch management

From operators through salespeople to service staff. From virtual teams to brick-and-mortar branches and offices. You have an overview of where everybody is and what they have already done at all times. 

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Split contacts, monitor activity and evaluate results. Whether the salespeople themselves call or operators communicate on their behalf, you can be sure that the database will be mined down to the last opportunity. 

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Training newcomers

Accelerate a new salesperson's path to their first concluded deals. The acquisition of basic work habits and activities will increase the probability that they will be retained and your investment in their acquisition will bear fruit. 

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Who relies on FreshFlow already 

Ing. Petr Hladný, Ph.D.

"We have found the FreshFlow system to be an extremely effective activity-management and interactive-feedback tool across the entire sales team. This is why we have decided to deploy it throughout the Allianz pojišťovna, a.s. internal sales network. 

Ing. Petr Hladný, Ph.D.
Ing. Petr Hladný, Ph.D. – Sales Director for the Internal Sales Network 


"The value added for Partners Office (note: white-label FreshFlow in Partners) in contact management is enormous. Anybody seriously thinking about building a company and a business should use it. And more: organising time and proper time management are the true paths to success – hence motto 'People do not plan to fail, but fail to plan'. Nevertheless, being able to see the inner workings of your company and having control over the efficiency of your colleagues are some of the most fundamental management elements I take advantage of in Office." 

Michal Krejčí
Company partner, Partners Financial Services    


„When we were implementing our acquisition campaign, FreshFlow showed that it is a powerful tool for business network management. "

Petr Kopřiva
Head of Multichannel Marketing and Customer Care, NN Životní pojišťovna 

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