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FreshFlow is a dream baby. Here you can get to know the parents.

Jan Rosa

Boss of bosses

The central brain of FreshFlow. A medical doctor by training, programmer, co-author of an English book on the PHP language, covert workaholic, and visionary. A lecturer at international conferences.

While working at FreshConcept, his own software development company, in the autumn of 2011, he struck on the idea to create a fresh application that would change workflows in network companies – and that is how FreshFlow came into being. Jan designed the content of the entire system, oversees key projects, and sleeps four hours a day. Sometimes even five.

Marta Rosová

Sales department head

Marta hates wasting time, so the day after her final exams at the University of Economics (VŠE) she joined RSM Tacoma, where she climbed to the notional top to become a partner at this famous consultancy company.

She now capitalizes on her knowledge of business consulting at FreshFlow, where she oversees sales and marketing for the whole project, customer relationships, and makes sure that Mr Rosa the boss sleeps at least four hours a day. Sometimes even five. Apart from being a successful businesswoman, she is also a successful mother of three.

Mária Aringerová

Back office head

Mária has rich experience as a human resources officer and sees the world in a positive light.

Her main care is to make sure everything runs without a hitch. She ensures the problem-free operation of the office and provides assistance and support for the management. She can juggle ten things at a time without breaking into a sweat. Her previous experience working for large companies is of great help to her here, as well as the preparation from when she was the back office for her husband and children.

Emilia Langerová

Help desk head

Emilia is in charge of our technical support. Her years of experience means she can solve even the seemingly unsolvable.

As service-desk operator in the past she communicated with clients of AutoCont and with employees at O2. At ESA she worked as operating technologist, providing user support and training. Now she is looking forward to getting her hands on your requirements and problems. 

We work with other partners

Miroslav Princ

Lecturer, author, consultant

Miroslav Princ is a recognised figure in the world of telephone sales. He changed the method of telephone sales (even if not everywhere just yet) through his book Jak uspět při obchodním telefonování (How To Succeed At Telephone Sales), which has sold over 12 000 copies and is today practically a textbook for modern telephone sales. He specialises in the initial sales phase – prospecting – meaning everything a salesperson has to do before they actually start dealing with a customer. This is the subject of his second book, entitled Prodávejte tam, kde kupují (Sell Where They Are Buying).

Jiří Šrámek

Lecturer, project manager

Jiří Šrámek has eight years of experience in the financial consultation market, while he has been involved in sales and services for over 12 years. He has experience with the FreshFlow system not only as a user but primarily as a lecturer and project manager, capable of successfully implementing this system into various business structures, partly thanks to his combination of technical knowledge, knowledge of financial consulting, and experience as a lecturer. 

There is someone missing in our team. Could it be you?


What do we expect from you?

  • Knowledge of: Sencha ExtJS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
  • An advantage: Pucher, Redis, Oracle, Xamarin, CalDAV
  • English-language knowledge at documentation level
  • Independence, reliability, communicativeness 


What do we expect from you?

  • Knowledge of OOP PHP5
  • A great advantage: JavaScript, experience with Oracle and with REST API creation
  • English-language knowledge at documentation level
  • Independence and diligence 

Whether you already know everything you see here, or only some of it but have not yet encountered the rest, send us your CV to:

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