A quick overview of activities and results
is only a few clicks away

No more rewriting spreadsheets or mining materials from salespeople and branches.

1. Set the indicators

Measure the numbers of calls, meetings by type (initial, second or servicing) and concluded transactions.

2. Set targets

Enter the required level of activity for salespeople. Split targets among branches, teams and individuals.

3. Monitor real data

Monitor everything online: where everybody is and what they have already done (or not as the case may be). 24 hours a day.

Automatic and flexible reports

Reports are automatically created for you from salespeople’s entries into their diaries. You can set to display by people, teams, branches or, for example, specific time periods. You basically have as many options as you want.

Everything in one place

We will link FreshFlow and your CRM so that you don’t need to complicatedly switch between programs. Both you and your salespeople will have access to customer information and reports in a single place. We regularly back up data and encrypt them so you can rest assured they are well taken care of.

Your team will be more successful

Most salespeople need to know what they have to do to achieve a sales target. Without the necessary level of activity – the number of calls and meetings – they feel lost. If they know the activity targets and understand that you have a perfect overview of their activities, they work more – and this leads them to better results.

You will be more productive

Your time and work are extremely valuable. Don’t waste them by editing spreadsheets, hunting for missing data and preparing reports. FreshFlow does all this for you. You can invest the time you save where the returns are greatest – in work with your team or customers.

FreshFlow adapts to you

We understand that your sales methods and the steps involved are specific to you. This is why we adapt FreshFlow to ensure it is tailored to your organisation as much as possible. We don’t want you to have to adapt to it. In addition, we will train both you and your team so that you see the results of more productive work as quickly as possible.


Split contacts, monitor activity and evaluate results. Whether the salespeople themselves call or operators communicate on their behalf, you can be sure that the database will be mined down to the last opportunity.

Training newcomers

Accelerate a new salesperson’s path to their first concluded deals. The acquisition of basic work habits and activities will increase the probability that they will be retained and your investment in their acquisition will bear fruit.

FreshFlow improves the productivity of sales teams by linking diaries and contact databases.

It simplifies the entry of the results of customer conversations and information sharing.
It minimises demands on the time of your salespeople, meaning they have more time for selling.

Would you like to find out how FreshFlow can improve your team’s productivity?