FreshFlow is invaluable tool

How valuable do you think it might be to have all the salespeople in your company under control? How much does information on how to manage your business cost? And how much would a perfect overview cost you?

FreshFlow can handle it all - you will see that you genuinely get a big bang for your buck.


Our system will enable you to simply and quickly:

  • Get an overview of your team’s activities
  • Transfer important data effortlessly to your CRM
  • Uncover potential opportunities
  • Teach newcomers how to work effectively 


FreshFlow pays off. It will earn money for you and your people.


Do you need a system for at least 10 users? This is a great option for your team if you don't want to customise our solution and it suits you just the way it is. We will however modify the code list for you if you wish. Gain an overview of your business for:

EUR 10 month/user 
(without VAT)


Are you a large company and need to integrate FreshFlow into your internal systems? Will you need modifications, specific configuration or a help desk for users? If so, we will meet with you, elaborate your requirements and modify FreshFlow to your business needs.

Custom offer


Feel that we are moving too fast for you and want to ask us something first?

We are more than happy to answer and give advice. We are available on both e-mail and telephone.


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